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Vehicle accidents are confusing. From the time the accident occurs, until several days later, you may be confused and unsure of what the next steps are. In fact, knowing what to do and how to respond can be of great benefit to you as the process continues. These videos are meant to educate you on how to understand your police report, get the correct help, and what to do next. As always, feel free to contact me about your situation. 

How to Get Your Police Report

Understand the Codes on Your Police Report

Understand Legal Authorizations

Understand an Attorney Contract

What's the Statute of Limitations?

What is a Demand Letter?

The Consequences of a Health Insurance Lien

Reviewing Your Settlement Summary

Before You Sign a Release Agreement

Understanding Legal Forms

Submitting Your Demand Letter

Health Insurance Liens

Injury Settlement Summary

Before You Sign a Release Agreement

Make Sure Your Medical Bills Are Paid

Choosing the Right Attorney

Property Damage

Contact an Experienced Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer

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