Frequently Asked Questions On Wrongful Death Claims In Kentucky

My Father Died In 2017 And Brothers Filed A Wrongful Death Lawsuit But Did Not Put My Name On The Paperwork. If Her Case Wins, Will I Receive Anything?

Yes, the Estate.

Does There Have To Be A Conviction In A DUI/Reckless Driving Case Before I Can Sue For Wrongful Death?

No. We just have to be able to show the other driver was negligent to make a wrongful death claim.

We Filed A Personal Injury Lawsuit After My Husband’s Auto Accident. He Has Since Died. Can We Now File A Wrongful Death Suit?

Yes, if the death was related to injuries sustained in the car wreck.

My Mother Died As A Result Of A Wrongful Death Incident. I Was Her Primary Caregiver And Financially Supported Her. In A Case Of Wrongful Death. Will I Receive The Proceeds Of The Settlement Or Will It Be Divided Among Siblings?

The wrongful death statute lays out an equal distribution of the proceeds among the siblings.

The Death Of My Family Member Has Been Hard Enough So I Really Don’t Want To Go Through The Difficulties Of A Lawsuit.

Years ago I lost a child so I get it. Money will not bring a lost loved one back. However, unfortunately, the law does not allow you to recover anything else. Insurance companies, who might have to pay for the death of your loved one are investigating this car wreck from day one. That’s why I suggest we sit down, go through what your options are and figure out if you want to just turn the chaos from the wreck to a legal professional.

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