My Lawyer Wants To Charge 40 Or 50 Percent Of What I Recovered As An Attorney Fee

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There is nothing in the law that says an attorney can only charge a third or 40% or 50% whatever it might be. There's nothing regulating attorney fees, but what I  want to warn you about is that if you agree to say a 50% attorneys fee or even a 45% attorneys fee you're giving up a lot of your personal injury settlement right off the bat. A good personal injury attorney is not only going to try and maximize what he can recover but he also needs to minimize the deductions from your settlement. So right off the bat if you're paying say a 45 percent attorney's fee plus your fees and costs plus possibly paying back a health insurance lien. A lot of the money's going out the window and I think you want to reconsider whether you want to pay that high of an attorney's fee right off the bat.

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