What Is The One Biggest Factor That Affects The Value Of A Personal Injury Case?

While the attorneys on TV want to tell you it's their reputation, I don't agree at all. It really is the facts of the case. The facts referring to how the accident happened, as well as what was your treatment, how long your treatment was, and how much the met your medical bills are. I'll give you two quick examples. The facts of the wreck, is there a way that they can argue you're partially at fault for the accident? Obviously, if they can, that reduces the potential value of your injury claim. Same thing with your treatment. Did you ever have this kind of treatment before? If you didn't great. Then obviously that your treatment relates entirely to this car wreck. In contrast, if you had this kind of treatment before an insurance company might say, No this car wreck didn't cause all your injuries, there's some of that predated the accident and as a result your claim is worth less than it would be otherwise.

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