Episode 3 Kentucky No Fault Coverage

Episode 3 – No Fault Coverage in Kentucky

Jim Desmond is personal injury attorney licensed in Kentucky and Indiana.  His office is located in Louisville.  We will launch new episodes of the Kentucky Auto Accident Podcast, every 2 weeks.  This podcast is going to provide helpful information, so you have a better idea of what you should do after a car wreck.  If you’ve been in an accident, knowing whom to call is half of the battle.

Kentucky No Fault Coverage

This is often misunderstood, but it’s a valuable coverage for medical expenses and lost wages.  It’s up to $10,000 of coverage for you and your passengers.  It provides immediate coverage without having to prove which driver is at fault.  It’s called personal injury protection or PIP coverage.

Your Kentucky no fault coverage applies if you’re in a different state, because it follows you.  You’ll be required to prove medical expenses and/or lost wages.  It’s important to seek medical treatment as quickly as possible to establish a medical record.

In a collision, if you use your no fault coverage, you surrender the right to recover the expenses as part of your settlement.

Motorcycle coverage does not provide automatic no fault coverage.  You can purchase it, but it’s expensive for motorcyclists.  Pedestrian PIP covers a pedestrian you hit.  If you have an injured motorcycle passenger, he/she can recover the full amount of his/her medical bills from the at fault driver.

No fault coverage is usually for medical bills (including co-pays and deductibles) and lost wages.  You can buy more lost wage protection.  It’s generally a good idea.  It can also cover some replacement services, limited funeral expenses and some survivor benefits.

The funds are typically handled by the insurance company’s no fault adjuster. A claim number will be established. Your attorney can help you with your application.  Let your medical provider know your claim number and they will usually bill the insurance company.

Indiana’s system is called med-pay and must be purchased, prior to the collision.  It covers part of your medical bills.  Pay attention to any exclusions.  If an Indiana driver has a car wreck in Kentucky, you are generally entitled to no fault coverage.  You may still have your med-pay coverage for additional medical bills.

Attorney Jim Desmond Discusses Kentucky No Fault Coverage

This Happened This Week 

Jim Desmond settled a pain and suffering claim for a motorcycle client.  The client had limited, additional coverage.  Medicaid is helping to reduce the amount of the remaining medical bills.

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