How to Choose the Right Attorney

When choosing a personal injury attorney, after being involved in a car accident, there are several factors an injured person may consider, which help them to make an informed decision.  Some of these factors usually include:

  1. Experience: An attorney with a track record of successfully representing clients in similar cases may be better equipped to handle their case.  The Desmond Law Office, PLLC was established in 2005.  Since then, all I’ve handled is car and motorcycle accidents in Kentucky and Indiana. Before that time, I handled car accident claims for the Becker Law Office, a Louisville transportation company, defense of insurance companies for car accident claims, and health insurance subrogation claims related to auto accident claims.  Yes, I’ve taken my love of automobiles and used it to create a successful law firm that limits its practice to car and motorcycle wrecks.
  1. Communication: This is why I use my cell phone with my clients.  When you call my law office, you’ll reach my cell phone.  You’ll deal directly with me, Attorney Jim Desmond, not a case manager or paralegal.  Why?  Because you must know what your ATTORNEY is doing to advance your personal injury claim! You want information directly from your attorney and not conveyed on a second-hand basis through a paralegal or secretary.  You will have my cell phone while handling your entire personal injury claim.  Very simply, this is so you can reach me, whether it’s on a phone call or via text.  I want you to know and understand my game plan for the handling of the claim. I can’t always make an insurance carrier move faster or get a medical provider to provide me with your medical records quicker.  However, I can let my clients know that I’m doing my best to advance the resolution of their injury claim, as quickly as possible.
  1. Availability: An attorney who is accessible and willing to make time for clients may help to reduce some of the stress and uncertainty that can accompany a personal injury case. To start the injury claim, I usually meet with my clients at my office or I can come to them, at times.  Essentially, I want this meeting because I want to lay out my game plan on how I intend to handle their car wreck claim. If during the injury claim process, a client has questions that cannot be answered through a phone call, I’m happy to meet with them again and answer those questions.  After all, the role of a personal injury lawyer is to advise their client as to the best course of action.
  1. Fees: During the first phone call from a person injured in a car accident or motorcycle wreck, I will explain my attorney’s fee. When we first meet, I’ll go over it again.  Nevertheless, there are two key aspects of my attorney’s fee that I think all personal injury lawyers should be doing, as well.  First, clients do not owe me any fee unless I recover money on their behalf.  Second, and most importantly, for any car wreck claim that does not involve a lawsuit, my attorney’s fees will not exceed the amount of the client’s net settlement. Essentially, this means that the client will walk away with more money in their pocket than I do; and that should medical bills or health insurance liens eat up my client’s settlement, I will lower my attorney’s fee so that my client walks away with the lion’s share of the settlement.  It’s an additional protection for my client.
  1. Reviews and Referrals: Take a look at my reviews on Google. I may not have as many as the big firms, but I work hard to earn my client’s business and retain my clients should, God forbid, they be involved in another car wreck.
  1. Location: Some people may want to choose an attorney close to where the accident occurred or where they live. However, I’ve handled car wreck claims all over Kentucky and Indiana.  I don’t mind going to a client for that first meeting.  I find that afterward, most things can be handled electronically to overcome any distance issue.  I find that most of the time when I’ve handled a car wreck outside of Louisville, it has been beneficial to go to the client and view the scene of the car wreck at the same time.

Need Help Now?

I’m attorney Jim Desmond.  If you’ve been in an accident and need to speak to an attorney, call me on my cell phone (502) 609-7657.  Get answers from an attorney, not a case manager.