Questions about Car Wrecks – Part 1

Episode 13: On today’s episode, Jim Desmond answers Frequently Asked Questions. Let’s face it, it is hard to understand the law if you aren’t a lawyer and even if you are one, it can still be challenging to work through all of the issues involved in car wrecks. Today we will be answering questions and […]

Motorcycles and COVID-19

Episode 12:  On today’s episode, Jim Desmond discusses motorcycles and COVID-19. Right now, in the world, people are struggling with let’s face it, Cabin Fever. With nice weather happening, motorcycle riders are taking full advantage. The biggest concern is now there may be drivers with no insurance or less insurance coverage than before due to […]

Why Attention to Detail Matters

Episode 11:  Louisville personal injury attorney Jim Desmond discuss why he wrote a controversial blog post.  He demonstrates why attention to detail matters to him and his clients.  A lady called to see if he could help.  She had already been turned down by two other larger firms.  Jim was able to figure out that […]

Kentucky Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Episode 10:  Louisville personal injury attorney Jim Desmond has spent years representing people injured in motorcycle accidents.  This episode continues the discussion on motorcycle accidents from Episode 9.  He’ll now discuss issues related to filing a Kentucky motorcycle accident lawsuit. What Are the Next Steps at the Hospital? If you don’t have health insurance, ask […]

Motorcycle Accidents and Insurance Issues

 Episode 9:  Louisville personal injury attorney Jim Desmond has spent years representing people injured in motorcycle accidents.  This episode focuses on why these cases are complicated and what motorcyclists can do before they take their bikes out of the garage for spring and summer. The risks to a motorcyclist is significantly higher because the […]

More on Car Wrecks Involving Workers’ Comp Claims

Episode 8:  In Part 2 of this conversation, Louisville automobile accident attorney Jim Desmond continues his discussion with Louisville workers’ compensation attorney Scott Scheynost about how a collision might involve both an auto accident claim and a workers’ comp claim. There are more options if a workers’ compensation is involved in your automobile accident case.  […]

Car Wrecks Involving a Workers’ Comp Claim

 Episode 7: Louisville automobile accident attorney Jim Desmond invited his friend attorney Scott Scheynost, who handles Kentucky workers’ compensation, to join him.   If you are involved in a collision, while performing work-related activities, you may qualify to file a workers’ comp claim, as well as a personal injury claim. Who’s Responsible for My Medical […]

Dealing with Insurance after a Car Wreck

 Episode 6:  Louisville automobile accident attorney Jim Desmond continues the discussion about the accident claim process.  He’s going to explain important issues related to getting back to normal, after a car wreck.  This discussion began in Episode 5. Assuming you now have the police report, you’ll determine what company is actually insuring the automobile.  […]

Episode 5: What to Do after a Car Wreck

Episode 5:  When a car accident happens, the insurance coverage in place is what matters.  You can’t add coverage after the wreck.  Therefore, be proactive and understand what type of accident coverage you have and what you might need.  Now let’s discuss what to do after a car wreck in Kentucky. What do you do […]

Episode 4 UM/UIM Coverage

Uninsured Motorist (UM) and Under Insured Motorist (UIM) Coverage.  In today’s episode, Louisville personal injury attorney Jim Desmond discusses UM/UIM Coverage.  Uninsured Motorist and/or Under Insured Motorist coverage is generally used for pain and suffering claims and uncompensated medical expenses. Your uninsured motorist coverage and under insured motorist coverage must be in place before the […]

Episode 3 Kentucky No Fault Coverage

Episode 3 – No Fault Coverage in Kentucky Jim Desmond is personal injury attorney licensed in Kentucky and Indiana.  His office is located in Louisville.  We will launch new episodes of the Kentucky Auto Accident Podcast, every 2 weeks.  This podcast is going to provide helpful information, so you have a better idea of what you […]

Podcast Episode 2 – Determining Fault

Episode 2 – Determining Fault in a Kentucky Car Accident Recorded Statements with an Insurance Adjuster No one likes giving a recorded statement, especially when it comes to determining fault in an accident claim.  The adjusters have hundreds of open files.  Any piece of information you provide will go into the file.  If no one […]