You must realize that an attorney is selling his experience and time.  Moreover, in every case, we still have to prove that the other party was negligent to recover on the claim.  So, whether we are trying to recover the value of a Chevrolet or for multiple surgeries suffered by our client, the process is the same.

Therefore, an attorney must be smart on which cases are worth his time and effort.  This is why I won’t handle claims that only involve damage to a car.  If my attorney’s fee is 33.33% of what I recover, and it only makes sense to purse the claim that has the higher potential recovery.

For example, I just had a case wherein the other driver was clearly at fault, but my client only went eight times to a chiropractor over three weeks.  This is the classic case where there was no dispute on fault or my client’s injuries but, the injuries were not significant enough to justify a lawsuit.  There is still the option of utilizing PIP coverage (no-fault coverage in Kentucky) to cover some or all of the cost of the chiropractic visits.

So, what do you want to do as a consumer when you have this kind of case? Well, if it stems from car wreck, you can still call me and I am happy to give you some free, legal advice over a ten-minute phone call.  CALL MY CELL PHONE (502) 609-7657.

If it concerns any other area of the law, I suggest you do some legal research on the internet and see if it is worth pursuing the claim on your own, without the assistance of an attorney.