You should always contact your insurance company after an accident and give them the chance to investigate the claim. You want to know what your coverage options are to get your medical bills paid, as well as to get your car issues moving forward.

How Do I Get A Rental Car After I’ve Been In A Car Wreck?

The problem with getting a rental car immediately is that we need a police report and the insurance company’s report. That tells us who the at-fault driver was and which insurance company is involved. Once we get that, I contact the insurance company directly, tell them to open a claim, and tell them they need to investigate this claim and get it moving forward, so we can put you in a rental car until your car is fixed. If you have rental car coverage on your own policy, there is nothing preventing you from using that. You can use that and still potentially make a claim against the other person for the damage to your vehicle.

How Do I Get The Police Report Amended If It Says I Was At Fault For The Car Wreck?

If you are listed as the at-fault driver, you can contact the police department and try to get the police report amended. I would be more likely to send an investigator out to look and see if there is a video of the car accident, and can we get statements from witnesses that we didn’t know about and forward that information on to the insurance company.

The Insurance Company Is Saying My Car Is Totaled. What Can I Do To Get Them To Fix It?

In Kentucky, as in most states, there is a statute that says if the repair costs to fix your vehicle are 70% of the fair market value of what the car was worth the day before the accident, the insurance company is required to total it out. You cannot force them to fix it. They owe you fair market value for the vehicle, if it’s a total loss. Get together all your repair receipts and all the improvements you’ve done to that car, and forward it on to the insurance company. Then, hopefully you can get the highest value for the vehicle.

The Insurance Company Wants To Total My Car Out And Says It’s Not Worth As Much As I Owe On It. What Do I Do?

You want to argue your car’s worth as much as possible. The insurance company owes you fair market value for what it would have sold for the day before the accident. Give them information saying it’s worth more than what they are saying. Get as many receipts as you can to show either improvements or repairs. Go to different websites and look up what the car would be worth the day before the accident in that condition. I don’t recommend lawsuits with property damage only. The attorney’s fees often exceed the value of the car. For more information on Contacting Your Insurance After A Car Wreck, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling (502) 609-7657 today.